Yesterday I posted the wind (marine) forecast for the coming week.  In my morning rush I failed to notice that the wind is arriving with a cold front.  By Wednesday morning we will be in the 50s.  That is very chilly for us this late in the season.


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We have a very good chance of getting smacked this morning.  The good news is the rain won’t last long.  The wind associated with this front is the bad news.  This is being generated by Winter Storm Virgil.


Captain Sargon Smith, Scuba Instructor Richard Goldman and I completed our PADI Self-Reliant Specialty Diver certification yesterday.  PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Mark Gilbert was our instructor and Captain Alex Bergstedt was our captain on Scout’s Honor.

The scuba crews stampeded into the Florida Sea Base Sunday.  Due to a snafu, we have two Scuba Certification crews this week.  Scuba Instructors Steven Raymond and David Kirkenir will be leading one cert crew while Scuba Instructor Richard Goldman and I take the second crew.  One Scuba Liveaboard crew also checked in.  They will be on the Schooner Conch Pearl with PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Dave Ball and PADI Divemaster Paul Mangone.  To top it off, we also had five Scuba Adventure crews arrived.  The scuba staff is spread as thin as is possible.  The dive boat 1st Mates will pull double duty also filling scuba tanks in the late afternoon/evening since we do not have anyone hired for that specific task during the spring.  Scuba Commissioner Laura Kuras will be our lone back-up.  There may be no day off for the scuba staff this week.


The sailing staff is likewise slammed this week.  Six more Coral Reef Sailing crews and a Sea Exploring crew checked in Sunday.  The Coral Reef vessels receiving crews Sunday included S/V Barefoot, S/V Comfort Zone II, S/V Dutch Love, S/V Jewel of Athena, S/V New Dawn and S/V Foreign Affair.  The Sea Exploring vessel of the day was the Schooner Yankee.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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