I must be brief.  The Florida Sea Base programs are running fine.  The weather is making life a little challenging; it is windy, in the mid 60s and possible on-again-off-again showers.

We still have no internet, email or server access from the program side of the property.  People are doing what they can.  I think we are waiting on parts that we hope will fix the problem.  The parts should be here in another day or two.

The Scouts are having a blast.  I was watching them play volleyball in the rain yesterday.  They did not seem to notice the liquid sunshine.

I apologize for being so short.  In addition to the connectivity in the office the AT&T 3G service in our area has been sporadic for the past week.  I rely on my AT&T air card to make these posts.  I could not connect to any sites last night.  I have a very early schedule today.  Our participants expect us to make a lot of magic today.  But instead of pixie dust and princesses, we have high winds, low temperatures, rough seas, and maybe more rain to turn into magical memories.  That may sound impossible.  But with our talented staff and a positive attitude we can make it happen.


Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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