We are struggling a little with near record low temperatures.  The skies were clear at the Florida Sea Base yesterday but the wind was still ripping in the morning.  The wind dropped significantly in the afternoon.  It is up a little this morning, around 15 knots from the NNE.  It’s 59°F but should warm up to 70 this afternoon under clear skies.  We are expecting sunny conditions through Saturday.  The wind should remain at a tolerable 10 to 15 knots for the rest of the week.  Temperatures are creeping up very slowly.


The sailors are doing well.  They too have weather challenges but have more flexibility within their program than do the divers.  But cold is cold and it has been pretty cool at the Florida Sea Base.  Six crews were in for shore leave yesterday.  One of the scheduled events for the crews is volleyball.  We apparently had two very dedicated players who managed to head-butt each other during the game.  One was transported to Mariners Hospital for a lacerated forehead.  OUCH!  He will be fine but no more in water activities for the rest of his week.


The divers at the Florida Sea Base completed all of their scheduled dives yesterday.  I was out with the Scuba Certification crews.  Our first dive was at the Pillars of Atlantis.  We had a lot of sand for completing skills without damaging the coral.  It was a fairly strong current, surge and only 10’=15′ visibility.  The instructors were stressed a little, but the participants had a BLAST.  We moved to Alligator Reef for our second dive.  During the drive the wind dropped significantly.  We had about twice as much visibility, very little current and much less surge for our second dive.   I want to thank Captain Alex Bergstedt and Commissioner Laura Kuras for helping out with the Scuba Certification crews yesterday.  Half of our Scuba Adventure crews went to Alligator Reef for their night dive last night.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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