Currently there are no tropical weather threats for the Florida Sea Base.  From The Weather Channel:

Tropical Update
Greg Postel, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel
Jun 22,  2013 1:32 pm ET


Thunderstorm activity in the region is scarce. A big dip in the jet stream has invaded this part of the tropics from the north lands, and brought with it dry and windy winds aloft. This feature will impose inhospitable conditions throughout the region for several days at least. As such … development here is unlikely though early week.


Exceptionally dry and dusty air from the African Sahara continues to roll out all across the deep tropical Atlantic at mid-levels (roughly 5,000 to 20,000 feet). As a result, development here is unlikely through the next couple of days.


Odds will increase for tropical formation across the western Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico during the next 1-2 weeks. The envelope of stormy weather in the East Pacific that now supports 94E and 95E will drift eastward and gradually encourage development along the way.

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So we are good for now but need to watch what’s happening on the Pacific side of Mexico for our next potential threat.


Captain Rich Beliveau and crew made great progress on Saturday, making way from the Florida Sea Base to Miami in less than 10 hours.  If you look at the graphic above you can see some potential rain in their path up the Florida coast to Oriental, North Carolina.  It’s about 950 miles following the coast, straight line distance is 744 miles.

At 14:25 Sunday Captain Rich texted that they were at Canaveral, Florida.  He said all was good but they are getting a little tired.  Based on personal experience, it usually takes a day or two to get used to the shifts and trying to sleep during the day.

My best estimate is they had traveled about 250 – 300 miles since leaving the Florida Sea Base 31 hours previously.  That’s an average speed of somewhere between 8.0 and 9.7 knots.  If you average those two you have a very impressive 8.8 knots.


It rained off an on Sunday.  It was the type of day with blue skies, followed by a 30 minute shower followed by more blue sky.  At one point it was monsoon like raining.  One of the Coral Reef Mates poked his head into the office.  There was no lightning and the Scouts wanted to go paddle boarding.  (Generally speaking, we don’t get a lot of lightning here.)  We were a little concerned they would quickly loose sight of land.  But the rain eased up just enough to make us feel more comfortable.  The Scouts were ELATED to be paddle boarding in the Florida Keys in the rain!!!  I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures, but I can go paddle boarding when it’s NOT raining (thank you very much).

We have a 30% chance of rain every day through the forecast period.  That means 70% chance of sunshine, and 100% chance of fun!!! It’s all in the attitude!  So far we have been dry this morning but we do have some small spotty showers working their way across the Gulf Stream towards the Keys.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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