There are 9 days left in the 2013 summer program season at the Florida Sea Base.  For the first time in nearly three months there were no crews on base for shore leave.

The Scuba Adventure and Scuba Certification crews had a successful day of diving.  The visibility was down a bit compared to recent days but the jellyfish invasion had disappeared.

The full time staff of the Florida Sea Base had our monthly Team Meeting yesterday.  The main point I took away was courtesy of General Manager Captain Paul Beal.  He reported that Philmont Scout Ranch and Northern Tier had their best “Jamboree year” ever, meaning their participation suffered less of a loss than in previous National Jamboree years.  However, the Florida Sea Base had its best participant attendance EVER.  The National Jamboree did not diminish our attendance at all.  Our programs are very popular and we are alive and strong.


There are no significant changes in our forecast; breezy, spotty showers and thunderstorms, and plenty of sun in between for decent cases of sunburn.  Our lows are around 80 with highs of 90.  The tropics remain quiet but the weather folks are frequently reminding us that they still expect a busy season.  September could be brutal.  Hope for the best – prepare for the worse.  We will finish the 2013 summer program season without a major tropical wind event.  But we could be in for a very bumpy fall.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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