2013 has been the end of two eras in the Florida Sea Base program department.  First, former Sailing Director Captain Rich Beliveau stepped down and took advantage of a much better opportunity when his wife, former Marine Superintendent Captain Carol Beliveau, completed her nursing degree and found employment in North Carolina.   Captain Rich inherited the sailing program from me and he built it into the monster it is today.

Thursday was the end of another era as Captain Mike Lucivero and his wife, Captain Kelly Stickney Lucivero completed their final trip at the Florida Sea Base.  Captain Mike (known to most of us as “the boat whisperer”) has been involved with the Coral Reef Sailing and Scuba Liveaboard programs for over 20 years.  Captain Kelly has been at the Florida Sea Base since the first summer after her 18th birthday.  She started washing dishes in the Galley and worked her way up to boat owner and Coral Reef Sailing captain and then, with Captain Mike, switched over to the Scuba Liveaboard program.

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Captains Mike and Kelly are the creators of the Eco-Adventure program.  Eco-Adventure is the Coral Reef Sailing program on steroids.  It is a true educational program run by Captain Harold Ochstein and Captain Margie Ochstein.  It takes all of the fun of the Coral Reef Sailing program and adds formal training about the various Florida Keys ecosystems.

Despite all that the Luciveros have done for the Florida Sea Base, they are not yet done with us.  They will be sailing S/V Ciao Bella to Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands this fall.  They will manage the Saint Thomas Sea Base program.  The program starts next summer and is currently sold out.

Captains Rich, Carol, Mike and Kelly had become family for me over the years.  The retirement of Captain Dennis Wyatt and Office Manager Ellen Stites-Wyatt a couple of years ago was crushing on a personal level.  I really can’t find words to describe the personal loss felt when Captain Rich moved on.  Soon Captains Mike and Kelly will be gone.  I feel like the last of the Mohicans.  My turn is on the horizon.  But that is the topic of a future post.


A few days ago I said that Captain Giuseppe Passanisi is the most tenured captain at the Florida Sea Base.  I was WRONG!  I apologize to Captain Joe Wischmeier, who IS the most tenured captain at the Florida Sea Base as well as Captain Brian Stolzenberger who may be our second most tenured captain.  I will submit this correction to the editorial staff at Wikipoodledoodledo so the official record can bestow the title on the rightful king.  My sincere apologies to Captain Joe and Captain Joe (as Giuseppe is more commonly known).


Twenty-one years ago today, Category 5 Hurricane Andrew decimated Homestead, Florida and parts of Miami.  Like this year, there had been very little tropical activity prior to that system, a system that was under-estimated by the experts of the day.  I believe 2002 was the last year that was quiet through August and that year ended with 12 named storms, 4 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes.  It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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