What a way to end the 2013 summer Scuba Adventure and Scuba Certification program season at the Florida Sea Base!  I was honored to be allowed to take the crews out for their final dive.  Captain Kari Dahlquist was the XO (Executive Officer) and commanded the BSA Centennial Eagle under my supervision.  We had a maximum load of 36 divers (31 participants and 5 Divemasters/Instructors).  Our chosen site for the dive was Landing Strip.  But when we arrived the jellyfish were very thick.  So we moved 3.7 miles east to Labyrinth.  The jellyfish were minimal, seas were 1 foot with maybe 2′ rollers on occasion, the water was warm, visibility was great and I granted an hour of bottom time.  The ride out and back was uneventful and Captain Kari did and excellent job of backing the 46′ Newton Dive Special into its slip (with a little guidance from me).  Divemasters Brenda Mallory, Bobby Gordon, Scott Patton and Rafael Delgado along with Scuba Instructor Richard Goldman supervised the loading and unloading of the vessel and the underwater activities of the divers.

But the end for one is often the beginning for another, and so it was today.  As the final Scuba Adventure and Scuba Certification crews of the season were ending their program, the final Scuba Liveaboard crew was arriving to start their adventure.  This SL crew is our last crew of the season


The remaining staff members who are crew-less are working on inventory, cleaning and storing program equipment.  I did not make an official headcount at Saturday’s 07:30 staff meeting but I think we have about 20 staff members still standing.  The men and women with the moxie to finish out the season deserve special recognition.  Tonight we are hosting a cook your own steak and lobster dinner for these courageous staff members.


There is a little tropical activity in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean but the Atlantic is quiet.  However, neither system is of concern to the Florida Sea Base.

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The Caribbean system has been designated Invest 95L but is traveling west.

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Locally we are expecting easterly winds at 10 knots for the next several days.  We have a 50% chance of rain today and tomorrow.  Temperatures will remain warm.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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