Sunday was a half day of sorts at the Florida Sea Base.  The staff gathered for the 07:30 meeting.  At 07:45 we were meet by one Scuba Certification crew, four Scuba Adventure crews and a Scuba Liveaboard crew for flags.  At 07:50 we had our morning flag ceremony and at 08:00 we enjoyed breakfast.  Afterwards, the Scuba Certification and Scuba Adventure crews packed and headed home while the Scuba Liveaboard crew mustered provisions from the commissary, scuba gear and personal belongings and headed to Stock Island by vans to start their adventure aboard the Schooner Conch Pearl.


Only staff members and captains were on base for the remainder of the day.  Many spent the day packing for departure.  I think we need a giant banner reading, “You don’t have to go home – but you can’t stay here” hung in an appropriate location.  I think being raised as a military brat with frequent moves and people constantly rotating in and out of my life makes the transition easier for me, but it is hard to see some of the staff leave.  And some of the staff have a hard time leaving.  Locally the syndrome is called Keys Disease; world famous sunsets, gorgeous water, fishing, diving, boating, sailing – it is addicting.

With no participants on base, the day turned into a bit of a staff appreciation event.  The Galley ordered in pizzas for lunch and the staff enjoyed a lobster, baked potato and cook your own steak dinner.

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Today we are meeting at 09:00 instead of 07:30, but that will change when our final three crews return to base.


The good news is that we will close out our 2013 summer program without a hurricane.  September and October however may see our full hurricane season projections packed into those months.  The hurricane specialists on The Weather Channel are trying very hard to keep us from assuming that the 2013 hurricane season is a non-entity.  They are right, now is not the time to let down our guard.

Locally we are hot, humid, having spotty showers and moderate breezes.  Could it be better?  Yes, a little.  But other than the occasional showers there is really nothing to complain about.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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