Candidates arrive today for the first PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) ever hosted by the Florida Sea Base.  We held our first Divemaster Training Academy (DMA) in 2004 and are hosting our 10th DMA this winter.  The motivation for incurring the expenses of the DMA is that it allows us to take individuals with significant Scouting backgrounds and allow them to earn the rating of PADI Divemaster for our scuba programs.  It also affords us a two week observation of these individuals to determine if they are likely to make good employees and serve as positive role models for our participants.  We are now extending that philosophy to our instructional staff.  We are hopeful that this will benefit individuals with significant Scouting backgrounds by giving them the opportunity to earn the  PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating at a somewhat reduced cost and it will increase our pool of potential scuba staff members.

I must again thank my friend and mentor, Captain Bert Hubby, a PADI Course Director (instructor trainer), for guiding me through the process of becoming the first BSA National Council employee to earn the rating of PADI Course Director.  I am also indebted to Florida Sea Base General Manager Captain Paul Beal and a very long list of PADI Americas management and employees for making this a reality.  It is our goal to constantly improve all of the programs offered at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.  This is a big step.

My blog posts will likely be few and far between this week.  The IDC is essentially an intense, eight day, 12 plus hours a day, development course followed by two days of evaluation by Instructor Examiners who are dispatched from PADI headquarters to determine if the Course Directors have effectively prepared the IDC candidates to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors.  We will wrap up the course and exams on 27 October.  The only time I will have to answer emails and return phone calls will be in the evenings.


Every year we replace about one third of our scuba regulators and buoyancy compensators.  This is a great opportunity to you to score the deal of a lifetime on some gently used and well maintain dive gear.  BC/regulator sets are only $350 per set.  This is high quality equipment manufactured by Aqua Lung.  The BCs are Wave models.  The regulators are Calypso models with ABS alternate air sources, BC inflator hoses, and Apex three gauge analog consoles that include a depth gauge, tank air pressure gauge and compass.  Please email fsbscubagear@gmail.com for further information and to place orders.

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The tropics should remain quiet for the coming week or two with a possible increase in activity near the end of the month.  The water temperature on the reef is 82°F.  Locally, we have a chance of some showers over the next two weeks, but overall if looks favorable for the IDC and upcoming conferences.  Stay warm and dry wherever you are.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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