Like yesterday, there is nothing of significance to post today.  Fortunately, we are not diving at the Florida Sea Base.  The wind has been blowing from the east for over a week.  As you can see in this graphic from the National Weather Service, the wind is forecasted to stay in the 15 knot range from the east for a while longer.  Strong east winds make diving in the middle and upper Keys very challenging.  Hopefully this will settle down in time for Christmas.

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Scuba Commissioner Captain Alex Bergstedt has put everything away from the Instructor Development Course.  Winter staff hiring is coming along very well.  If you are interested, please call Captain Alex or me TODAY or we may not be able to fit you in. A few days ago I was very concerned about having enough staff for the winter season.  Captain Alex has been sending emails and making phone calls to recruit experience Florida Sea Base scuba staff.  We generally hire only returning staff during the winter because we don’t have time for staff training.

As a former seasonal staff member, I am very aware of the fact that working at the Florida Sea Base for one week during the winter is not a profitable experience.  One week’s pay barely covers travel expenses.  The staff members who work at the Florida Sea Base during this week have a higher motivation.  Travel is expensive at that time of year and Christmas is a major family holiday for many.  Most parents would rather have their kids home for a few weeks between college semesters.  But the staff who serve the participants of the Florida Sea Base are generally motivated by their support of the Scouting movement and the desire to give back to Scouting.  They understand how vital they are to a successful program and are willing to make this sacrifice.  I cannot adequately express my appreciation to these staffers and to the families who support their presence here.  Most of our participants will not understand the sacrifice these staff members are making until later in life.  And that is the magic that keeps Scouting alive; at some point in the future, the young men and women attending the Florida Sea Base this winter will feel the need to give back as they realize the Christmas gift they received from this year’s staff.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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