Class 10 of the Florida Sea Base Divemaster Academy spent Saturday morning and afternoon mostly in the pool.  We did move briefly to the harbor for the 100 yard tired diver tow, another timed skill.  In the pool the candidates simulated working with students in confined water and completed the 24 skill circuit (which is also scored).  After dinner they were in the classroom with Captain Christy Clemenson for a presentation on how to make dive boat briefings (a skill that will be evaluated soon) and another presentation by Captain Alex Bergstedt and Captain Kari Dahlquist on the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Diver certification.  The candidates will complete this specialty certification during the DMA.


Winter program staff members have been trickling in for the past few days.  There is SO much to do and so little time.  Working around the construction is proving to be more difficult and time consuming than anticipated.  Several of the staff members were working on the sail beach yesterday.  The small boats need some cleaning and TLC in preparation for the winter Coral Reef Sailing crews.  The staff members and captains that work the winter season have, for the most part, made a hard decision to be away from their families for Christmas to give to Scouting.  If you are coming to the Florida Sea Base next week, consider bringing a box of cookies, or taking an extra minute to tell your captain or staff member how much you appreciate them.


It’s still windy and the DMA candidates and staff (including me) are headed to sea for three dives today.  It is going to be another exhausting day.  The wind is supposed to lay down on Monday as a front passes but kick up again on Tuesday or Wednesday.  BRING YOUR BONINE!!!

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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