Captain Russell Dockery, owner/operator of S/V Rosa del Mar, and Jessica have a new baby daughter, Morgan Irene.  She was born December 20, 2013.  Captain Russell has been a part of the Florida Sea Base sailing programs for many years.

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Class 10 of the Florida Sea Base Divemaster Academy spent the day in the pool leading Scuba Reviews and working on ascending unconscious divers from the bottom of the deep pool.  The latter skill is a part of their rescue skills assessment.  The class is doing well and had the evening off.  It’s amazing how much faster the program progresses with 11 students instead of 16.


Most of our crews checked in on time yesterday.  There were three late arriving sailing crews and they will really have to hustle this morning to get caught up.  Our staff members are pros and will see that everything possible is done to get the crews onto their Adventures as quickly as possible.  More sailing crews and a second Scuba Liveaboard crew arrive today.


We have a 20 to 30% of chance daily for the next week.  Our low temperatures will be in the low 70s.  The highs will be around 80.  The wind continues to be the concern.  We should get another lull as a front passes Sunday night and Monday.  The remainder of the week will bring us breezy conditions.

Capt. Steve Willis
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