Since I do not deal directly with the conference groups, I may have my story a little confused.  I think there are three conference groups on base concurrently; Volunteer Development Committee v2.0, STEM, and maybe NAYLE.  Some of the participants went kayaking and paddle boarding in the morning and some went alligator wrestling in the afternoon.   The bottom line was everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and it was their own fault if they weren’t.


See yesterday’s post for the forecast.  Were are at about 60° this morning and expect a high of around 65 this afternoon.


Since I brought that up I have been thinking.  It doesn’t require much more than a cement pond and leftovers to keep a croc happy.  So if we get a license to keep our very own croc maybe we can use croc wresting as a team building activity.  ULTIMATE High Adventure!

Have a great day!

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™

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