After being up for over 40 hours, I was very disappointed that I didn’t sleep more than three hours Wednesday night.  I stayed fairly busy yesterday but did manage a 30 minute nap.  This is not starting out as much of a vacation. I received 67 emails yesterday.  This morning it is 22° at the house but I’m headed to Denton this morning and its 13° there – a great reminder of why I moved to the Florida Keys.  We are dry here but it is snowing to our south, including our homestead which is northeast of Houston.  It is very rare to get snow there.


I did not hear anything about yesterday’s activities at the Florida Sea Base.  The weather is cool and sunny with moderate breezes.  We received and reviewed our year end financials.  Telecommuting does have advantages.  I did my best to spend all my 2013 money but still had a surplus.  That’s a shame because that money doesn’t roll over.  It’s not totally lost, some goes in to our capital projects fund.  I think that most of the remainder goes to the Summit to try to whittle down their unbelievable debt.


Captains Mike and Kelly Lucivero called me from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands yesterday afternoon.  They have just arrived there after a three month odyssey from the Florida Sea Base and through the Bahamas.  They have spent a lot of time in the Bahamas on previous trips and were in no hurry.

Captain Mike said it was 85° at the marina yesterday.  He and Captain Kelly will begin making preparations for our inaugural summer season today; there is certainly a lot to do.  Home port for the program will be Sapphire Marina.  [I tried several times to insert a Google Maps link but I am having technical difficulties.  I will confer with I today and maybe have it posted tomorrow.]  Those of you with reservations for 2014 are VERY fortunate indeed.  For the rest of you, 2015 reservations are open NOW and close on 15 February 2014 for the 2015 summer season.  Passports are NOT required.  Airfare is cheaper to St. Thomas than to Miami from some airports.

The next island to the east, St. Johns, will also play a big part in the new sailing program.  Much of the island is a US National Park.  The details are still being worked out, but the NP management is very excited to have Scouts using the island and working on service projects.  I am very excited about this program.  I will pass along as much information as I can as preparations evolve.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Shivering in North Texas


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