The Scuba Adventure crews made their two dives yesterday with descent seas and 60′ of visibility.  The weather may get a little worse over the next few days so I dispatched all of the Scuba Adventure crews out for a night dive after dinner.

An incident from the night dive was the icing on the cake that contributed to my late post today.  I decided last evening that I would take this morning off.  I was wiped out from not sleeping much the night before due to the weather and from climbing in and out of the engine compartment of dive boats so many times yesterday.  I had just gotten into that deep sleep stage when the phone rang.  The night divers were back.  One of the Scouts had made in improper ascent and had managed to conk his had on a tank of another diver that was already at the surface.  The Scout was complaining of a headache (makes sense – he just hit his head on a scuba tank) and his (not attending) parents wanted him taken to the ER for evaluation.  I was too tired to be a safe drive so Scuba Commissioner Captain Alex Bergstedt drove the Scout and one of the leaders to the ER.  Regardless, I was up for a couple of hours before getting back to sleep.  The ER folks sent the Scout back to base and told the leader to keep him under observation for 24 hours and no diving for at least a day.  Captain Alex is working on the paperwork related to the incident this morning.  I told him to take a nap afterward and I would take it from there.


The Western Region Scout Executives and some of their wives joined Captain Steve Harrison, Dylan Witt and I on a tour of the 1733 wreck of the San Pedro, Indian Key, Lignum Vitae Key, and the Everglades boundary.


Breezy, very breezy; east at 20 knots.  It is going to be bumpy on the reef today with a good chance of gastroenpukulitus.  It is 70° this morning with a forecasted high of 80.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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