Bryan Hayek is the marketing guru for the High Adventure Division of the BSA which includes Northern Tier, Philmont and the Florida Sea Base.  Take 90 seconds and watch this aerial view of the Florida Sea Base, Brinton Environmental Center and Munson Island.  Bryan took the video using his quad copter.


I believe we had three Coral Reef Sailing crews on base for shore leave and another five came to dock for their luau night.  Two Sea Exploring, two Scuba Liveaboard, three Scuba Adventure, one Scuba Certification and two NAYLE crews were are experiencing high adventure on the high seas yesterday.


Wednesday started out gray, a little drizzly and cool but ended nice!  It is 77° with 15 knot winds from the east and mostly cloudy conditions at 04:30 this morning.  We have a 20% chance of showers.  The National Weather Service is calling for a high of 84.  Accuweather is forecasting a high of 86.  The Weather Channel says our high will be 78 and Weather Underground (owned by TWC) says “mid 80s”.  So I’m going with mid 80s (3 out of 4 right?).

At 04:30 is was 23°F with light snow in Ely, MN (near Northern Tier) and 32° with light snow in Cimarron, NM (near Philmont).

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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  1. David Ball says:

    amazing video, well done!

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