Today is the last dives for Scuba Adventure and Scuba Certification crews and the last day of Sea Exploring for the 2014 spring season at the Florida Sea Base.  All other programs have one more week of participants.


This is not common, but all of South Florida – EXCEPT the Florida Keys – is under a tornado watch until 10 am.

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It is 79° at the Florida Sea Base this morning.  We have a 30% chance of rain as we did yesterday.  (We didn’t get a drop yesterday.)  We will only have a 3 degree rise in temperature today, peaking at 82°.  It is breezy on the reef this morning.  Molasses Reef is reporting southerly breezes at 17 to 19 knots and Sombrero Reef is reporting SW at 13 to 14 knots.  The Florida Sea Base is half way between these reporting stations.


This is post #1,460.  Whew!  With spring program winding down, plus my wife visiting this coming week, I will probably not post every morning.


Yesterday I posted about our Divemaster shortage for this summer.  I have spent a lot of time reaching out to instructors and dive shops that are Sea Base friendly.  Many of you have been instrumental in helping me help the Florida Sea Base with challenges in the past.  We are still woefully short of Divemasters for the summer program.  We have enough to get by, but just barely.  We really need 9 or 10 more.  Please spread the word and maybe we can fill the gap.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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