I received this email from Scuba Instructor Scott Patton aboard the Florida Sea Base Scuba Liveaboard vessel S/V Lady Nell II:

Captain Steve,

     We have been blessed with good weather and great vis.  Today we were on Hens and Chicks and had flat seas and about 70 feet of visibility for the first dive.  Yesterday at Conch we had almost 100 feet.  Nice dives on Davis as well and everyone saw the Buddha.  Attached is a photo of one of the Scouts from Massachusetts on his first wreck dive at the brick barge at Hens and Chicks.  Dad is here and we have permission to post the photo if you wish.  Hope the rest of the week cooperates.
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One Scuba Liveaboard returns on Friday and the last Scuba liveaboard of the season returns Saturday.


The sailors are also enjoying the perfect weather.  The crews have been cycling in for the last shore leave days of the spring 2014 Florida Sea Base season.  Five crews were in yesterday.  Two Coral Reef Sailing crews return to dock today for luau and the final five crews return Friday.


Participants arrive Saturday for our second Sea Badge at Sea program.  I have been told that this program is the Sea Scout version of Wood Badge.  What little I have witnessed on base, it seems to be a very intense course with a lot of specific required protocols.


We have a 10% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow and again on Sunday night into Monday.  Otherwise, it should be mostly sunny, lows in the mid 70s, highs in the mid 80s, and gentle breezes through Monday.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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