The Florida Sea Base swimming pool construction is still crawling towards completion.  My understanding is the bonus date for finishing early has expired and the company is now in a penalty phase.  It does not appear that they are working any faster.  There is a price for living in paradise.  This still shot is from an arial video taken about 4 days ago by Captain Steve Harrison from his GoPro armed, super cool, self built quad-copter.

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Scuba Commissioner Captain Alex Bergstedt and crew teamed up with Rob Blesser and Bart Jamagin of Breathing Air Concepts to move the three large scuba compressor and 16 massive bank tanks from the old pool site into the roofed building.  The new compressor room will be air conditioned.  Being housed inside a climate controlled room will greatly increase the longevity of the machines and the cool air will allow the machines to operate more efficiently.  The compressor operator will NOT be housed in an air conditioned room.


Congrats to Alex and staff for all of their hard work! He is going to be very hard act to FOLLOW! Glad I made it down this year. In fear that the new pool wouldn’t have the FSB ships wheel emblem, and that I liked the ships wheel in the pool so well,it is where I decided to do my crew’s patch presentation this year! Talk with you soon!

Mark Gilbert

Mark, if there are any photos of the presentation, please send me an electronic copy.  From a historic perspective, that would likely be the last photo ever taken of participants in the old pool.


Every program day at the Florida Sea Base is “the first day”.  Saturday was the last “first day” of the 2014 Florida Sea Base spring season.  The final crew, a Scuba Liveaboard crew, will return to base later today for their luau and they will depart Sunday morning.

But that does not mean we are done.  Sea Badge at Sea (or Sea Badge Underway – I’m not sure which is correct) will be in progress this coming week and the week after that is the Florida Sea Base Annual Invitational Tarpon Tournament. Then we have five days “off”, then meetings and then the summer staff members arrive.  There is little rest for the weary.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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