I have been keeping a very low profile for the past week while my wife visited and I tried to recover a bit from spring.  There is not much reportable activity at the Florida Sea Base currently so the posts will still not be a daily event.


The Sea Scouts are underway with Captain Scott Penfield aboard S/V Chanticleer to earn their Sea Badge at Sea.  We have a little more wind this week and that should be a big plus for them.

The spring program season is done.


Preparations for the Annual Florida Sea Base Invitational Tarpon Tournament are underway as well.  The anglers arrive in about a week.  This event has been the only fund raiser for the Florida Sea Base in the past.  However, this fall we are going to take a stab at a scuba diving fund raiser.  I will post more on that when we get it figured out!


Some of you have been (understandably) a little antsy about confirmation and review of the scuba medicals for this summer’s crews.  Good news – my new Office Manager, Yen Trinh, will start working on those Wednesday.  Confirmations, reviews and requests for medicals not received will be emailed starting with the earliest crew arrival dates and working down the list from there.  Crews arriving in May should be hearing from her late this week.


We have a 20% chance of rain daily through Friday.  Our lows should be 77ish with daily highs around 86.  I drove through 2 minutes of light showers on the drive back from Miami yesterday.

Most of my family lives in areas frequented by tornadoes so my thoughts and prayers are with those suffering from tornadoes and severe weather.  It is 04:58 and The Weather Channel is announcing a tornado is currently just to the NW of Crawford, Alabama moving towards Columbus, Georgia.  Fortunately for my family, there are no threats in Texas or Oklahoma today.

Check out this link from The Weather Channel.  It is very rare that we have a “very high” pollen count alert in the Keys. But that is exactly what we are looking at today, tomorrow, and Thursday, remaining in the “high” category Friday.  I am going to take a Claritan D right now!

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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