Wednesday was day 4 of this severe weather event.  Just in case you missed this early Wednesday morning, the Pensacola, Florida area had more than 5,200 lightning strikes in less than 15 minutes.  (Thanks to Weather Underground for the graphic.)

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Interstate 10, from the Florida/Alabama state line to 29 miles east was closed due to flooding as the Pensacola area received almost 19″ of rain overnight.  They average about 15″ of rain PER YEAR.

With so much misery being felt courtesy of this spring weather system, I feel “guilty” to share our local forecast.  We were looking forward to a 50% chance of rain this weekend; that has now been reduced to 30%.  (My car really needs a good rinsing.  The dust has been horrible with all of the construction that’s going on.)  Otherwise we are doing great.  With our rainy season officially starting in about 3 weeks, we may have a shot at a few days of significant rain.  Hopefully we won’t experience 20″ in a few short hours.  And more than 5,000 lightning stokes in 15 minutes would almost certainly wreck a few sailboats.  (I am kind of stunned by that statistic.)


Preparations for summer arrivals is underway.  I have three scuba staff members still on payroll and Captain Luke has maybe a half dozen sailing staff.  Preparations have been delayed substantially due to the lack of progress with the pool construction.  My recollection is we were promised construction would be complete by tomorrow.  But we have been moving in despite the interior of the building being incomplete and there are no doors.  The deck and interior of the pool still have a long way to go too.  We are doing all we can to make the best of the situation.


The Sea Badge Underway group is still on the water with Captain Scott Penfield aboard S/V Chanticleer.  Members of the Chickasaw Council arrive today for the Ken Kenworthy Memorial Fishing Tournament, an annual event held at the Florida Sea Base Conference Center.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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