The Sea Exploring crew that arrived yesterday had flags, breakfast, loaded provision and were on their way by 0900.  Chief Warrant Officer Fisk arrived shortly thereafter to conduct the annual US Coast Guard safety inspections on our large dive boats.  Everything went very well but we were missing “smoke” flares on two of the boats.  We have never been required to have smoke flares before.  We will have smoke flares aboard tomorrow and all will be well.  This is the first inspection we have had with Mr. Fisk and each inspector seems to have their own special requirements.  Now that we know th Mr. Fisk requires us to have smoke flares aboard the vessels we will not be without in the future.  BSA Tarpon, BSA Explorer and BSA Adventure are ready to go for another year.

The Boat Whispere finished the mast step on S/V Escape today.  All that is left is to wait about three days and then paint it.  I can do that part.  Capt. Mike is an engeneering genius.

I want to say THANK YOU to Capt. Carol Chapman for working so hard on prepping the boats for today’s inspection.  Seth Little was also a big helper.  And Capt. Alex played the role of First Mate on today’s three sea tests.  Several other staff members were involved – thank you everyone.  It is so great that we have such a team unity at the base this spring.  Go Team.

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