It was definitely a blow last night at the Florida Sea Base.  The worst boat damage I heard of was a blown out headsail.  The VHF antenna that serves the Program Office, the Sailing Directors Office and my office was struck by lightning.


You may be able to see the damage better zoomed in.


The strike traveled through the antenna wire into the VHF radio and power source in the office.

Image 1

Most of the Florida Sea Base telephones were (and still are) offline.  The office circuit breaker that served the radio, fax and Captain Luke’s office was tripped.  It took a bit to reboot the fax machine and Captain Luke’s computer but they seem okay.


One of the positive components of this brief but powerful event was the attitude of the Scouts.  I was on the dock yesterday morning as Scouts were emerging from the boats.  They were tired, some were damp, but all them were stoked about the experience.  There were stories and smiles; like a release of nervous energy after surviving a thrill ride.

Skies started clearing just after breakfast and – from the Scouts point of view – it was like a ServPro commercial, “like it never even happened”.  Sailors went sailing, divers went diving, and I crawled back into the storage closet I call my office to spend my next 10 hours in paradise resolving medical issues with participants.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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