Another day with no new crews arriving at the Florida Sea Base.  This is not unusual for the spring season, but it sort of throws of the rhythm of the whole place.  We do have youth groups from Joshua Expeditions on base.  They’re a Christian travel group.  This bunch leaves tomorrow morning and a new group arrives tomorrow afternoon.

Seth Little, Christy Clemenson and Logan Harvey helped me get my dinghy out of the dinghy rack and onto the beach today.  I’ve owned it for about 9 months but it hasn’t been in the water yet.  It’s a RIB or “rigid inflatable”.  The tubes were a little low on air so I took care of that, got the oars stowed inside and the registration decal affixed.  I hope to make time to get the motor mounted and maybe take it for a spin in the next day or two.  I also pulled the starter off S/V Escape so I could look for a spare.  In order to purchase a spare, you have to know how many teeth are on the starter where it connects to the flywheel on the motor.  The only way to do that is to remove the starter and count the teeth.  My starter has 12 teeth.  That is now duly recorded in my Ship’s Log.

Capt. Mike, the Boat Whisperer, fixed a hydraulic leak on the steering system on BSA Explorer.  Maria, Clyde, Logan, Seth and some of the other staff members worked on remodeling the Ship’s Store.  Jake and Andy were busy in the Galley today and Sarah received a Commissary order from Gordon Food Service (GFS).  Kathleen was working away in Admin.  Meghann, Beth, Dominic and some others went out on the snorkel boat with the Joshua kids.  Capt. Rich was at the helm.  Capt. Alex Bergstedt had a working day off.  He went to the eye doctor in Homestead, then drove to Dusky Marine in Dania Beach and picked up an outboard motor for the base and then visited with his brother, Andy, in Fort Lauderdale.

Which reminds that I forgot to mention yesterday that Rick and Cheryl Kuras have arrived to give two weeks of service to the Florida Sea Base.  They are the parents of former Florida Sea Base staff member of the year (2007), Laura Kuras.  Laura is a graduate of the Florida Sea Base Divemaster Academy.  She went on to become a PADI Scuba Instructor and is an incredible young lady.  Unfortunately she won’t be working with us this summer; she is trying hard to complete her degree.

Capt. Dennis Wyatt probably arrived sometime this afternoon.  I haven’t seen him yet but I know Ellen was very excited all day that she would be seeing her hubby soon.  And a new Coral Reef Sailing Mate arrived today.  His name is Henry Watson.  I talked with him for about 30 seconds so there’s not much to tell you at this point.

The weather was nice today – just a little cool.  We are running about 10 degrees below normal.  I heard on the radio today that we can expect a few more cold fronts before spring really kicks in.  COME ON SPRING!!!

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  1. Kim says:

    Some of our boys will be there on Saturday from Minnesota. They are very exicted. It is fun to read about what you are doing this week.

  2. Ranger Joe says:

    Laura was staff member of the year in 2005 too

  3. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks Kim. What program is your crew participating in? I will try to watch for them.

    Capt. Steve

  4. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks Joe. I thought she was a two time winner but I couldn’t remember for sure.

    Capt. Steve

  5. I really like this site and Arrrrgggg Florida Sea Base News . I read about you on another site I found on Google and thought they had great views as well.

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