The world famous Capt. James Dennis Wyatt (author of The Bald Man in the Sea) is back with us at the Florida Sea Base.  Ellen (his wife and my office Manager) and I are both super happy to see him.  Ellen and Dennis crack me up.  They are a wonderful couple and a great comedy team.  Capt. Dennis helped me with two chores this morning.  We treated the bimini on S/V Escape with a waterproofing solution and we cleaned, prepped and painted the starter.  I hope to reinstall the starter tomorrow.  It is going to be a serious challenge.

Capt. Alex Bergstedt completed Open Water Training Dives 1, 2, and 3 with staff members Dom, Sarah and Judy today.  Capt. Rich drove the boat and Meghann was the mate.  Several of the other staff members went along for the ride.

The base was busy this morning with a Joshua Expedition crew departing (breakfast was at 0700) and a new Joshua group arriving before dinner.

Cheryl and Rick Kuras changed oil and did some other maintenance work on the Florida Sea Base vans today.  As I mentioned yesterday, they are great folks.

A new staff clothes dryer was installed today by Ranger Joe Schreiner.  Capt. Martin Ivy was the first to get to test it out.  We have two washers and two dryers for the staff to use.  They get used VERY heavily.  During the summer, we will have over 80 staff members using these machines for twelve weeks.  They break down frequently and get worn out quickly.  There are a lot of dirty clothes in a subtropical environment in the summer.

Yesterday I told you about a new Coral Reef Mate joining the staff, Henry Watson.  I was not aware that a second Coral Reef Mate John (I’m having a brain fart and can’t remember his last name) from Houston, Texas also arrived.  Anyway, welcome aboard John and Henry.  Oh yeah, Zotti. Mike Zotti.  Sorry for the temporary lapse Mike.

Coral Reef Sailing Captain Brian Stolzenberger (S/V Misty Shoals) arrived at the Florida Sea Base at about 20:00 this evening.  More news tomorrow.

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