The Florida Sea Base now has a Poop Deck.  But let me digress for a few minutes.  If you are familiar with the Florida Sea Base you know we use a lot of nautical terms in describing our facility.  The groups of Scouts who come to the Florida Sea Base are called CREWS, regardless of whether they belong to a Boy Scout Troop or Venture Scout Crew.  The dining all is called the GALLEY.  We have our meals at the QUARTERDECK.  The staff lounge is the MARINER’S LOUNGE.  The trading post is the SHIP’S STORE.  And now we have a POOP DECK.

Last year, with significant help from Capt. Mike Lucivero, Capt. Scott Penfield and Gail Penfield (among others) a new sewage pump-out system was installed on the T-Dock.  This device includes a large shore based holding tank, a wireless controlled pump and a reeled hose that connects the boats to a series of hydrants installed along the dock.  The hose reel was constantly being left on the dock where it sometimes impeded traffic.  When Rick and Cheryl Kuras arrived I told them I would like a small deck built attached to the T-Dock so the reel could be stowed out of the way.  So the deck was built and what else could it be called except the Poop Deck?  I’ve attached a photo.  Hopefully we will have signage soon.  Thanks Rick and Cheryl!!!  [So what is a poop deck Capt. Steve?  I’m glad you asked.  It is an English term.  A long time ago, “pooped” meant doused or soaked.  The part of a ship that received the most spray and breaking was was called the poop deck.  It had nothing to do with bathrooms or human waste products.]


Most of the staff was busy again today with the Joshua Expedition participants.  Tomorrow we get Boy Scout units again for Coral Reef Sailing and Sea Exploring.  Plus the Scuba Liveaboard crew will be returning from their week at sea.  We are about to hit our peak of the spring season.  As Morton Salt used to advertise, “When it rains – it pours”.

Staff members Dominic, Sarah and Judy completed their PADI Open Water Diver certification today with Capt. Alex Bergstedt.  Congratulations!!!

Tomorrow we are back in the Boy Scout business.  That’s what we do best and I know the staff are excited to have Scouts back on the base.

I forgot to officially welcome Scuba Instructor Mark Gilbert to the Florida Sea Base.  Mark is retired and lives in Kansas.  he is here for a two week tour to help us through the busy weeks of our spring scuba season.  It’s good to have Mark back.  He went through some medical issues just a few months ago and we weren’t sure if he would make it back.  Thanks for your dedication Mark.

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