Today was our first check-in / check-out day in almost a week.  The Scuba Liveaboard crew returned from their adventure today.  One Coral Reef Sailing crew and one Sea Exploring crew arrived to being their adventures today.  Tomorrow and Sunday business really picks up.

Capt. Ron Kullick arrived today aboard S/V Sudden Impulse.  He will receive a Coral Reef Sailing crew in a day or two.  Capt. Russell Dockery aboard S/V Rosa del Mar is also due to arrive today.  The T-dock is FULL.  After some of the boats get their kids and set sail we can have other boats arrive at the dock to prepare for their crews.  If gets crazy around here sometimes.

At about 16:00 we had a large diesel spill was into our harbor.  The wind is blowing hard from the west.  There is a little key a few hundred yards off the T-dock we call “Bird Island”.  This key is used for storing lobster traps by some of the local commercial lobster fishermen.  My guess is they have some 55 gallon barrels of diesel stored on the key.  One of them may have fallen over or a hole could have rusted through.  I really don’t know what the cause is, but the effect are a swim area inundated with diesel and a lot of headaches on the dock from captains breathing the diesel fumes.  The authorities were notified but they will wait until the diesel evaporates rather than trying to remove it from the water.

We’re having a front move through.  We’ve been flirting with the chance of serious rain all day.  We still may get a hard shower but it looks like it will probably go around us.  We’re still getting the hard west wind as I mentioned earlier.

It’s time for dinner.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

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