I apologize for not posting yesterday.  We started out the day with news that several of the Florida Sea Base staff members were bed ridden.  They had gone to a sushi bar the night before and apparently ate some bad sushi.  [As far as I am concerned the only good sushi is cooked sushi which isn’t sushi any more.]  Then we had the remains of yesterday’s diesel spill (spilled by a 3rd party, not Sea Base) to contend with.  Capt. Rich, Mike Zotti, Henry Watson and I performed a beach clean-up that resolved much of the issue, especially in our swim test area.

After that I took a few minutes to install the starter in S/V Escape and Capt. Alex helped me with two other projects on board.

We had three Coral Reef Sailing crews, one Sea Exploring crew and one Scuba Liveaboard crew check in.  Saturday was Ellen’s day off so Kathleen Harvey, who normally works in Admin, did the honors.  One of the Coral Reef crews arrived late so they will have a very busy morning completing the check-in process and getting off the dock.

The reason I didn’t post anything yesterday is because of a wedding.  Capt. Harrison “Hammer” Kinnard and Julie Gunderson got married yesterday afternoon.  Several of the Florida Sea Base captains and staff left here at 1530 and drove to the Naval Air Station at Boca Chica (about 10 miles east of Key West) for the ceremony.  Capt. Rich was the best man.  We got back to base around 2130 and I was too pooped to write a post.  Sorry.  Here are a few photos from the wedding.

Bride Julie Gunderson being escorted by Capt. John Watson of the schooner Yankee.

The wedding party.

How often does a guy get married barefooted? Welcome to the Keys!

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