The Florida Sea Base staff members who were struck by food poisoning (from an off base restaurant) were back on their feet today, a little wobbly but they toughed it out.  It was a busy day for check ins: 5 Coral Reef Sailing crews, 1 Sea Exploring crew, and 4 Scuba Adventure crews.  I don’t have an official body count, but it should be very close to 92 participants.  The Ship’s Store was packed with customers right after dinner.

The mast step collar is complete aboard S/V Escape.  I don’t have to worry about the main mast falling off for many more years.

Our high temperature for today was 84 degrees.  It should be cooler the rest of the week.  The water in our harbor was 79 degrees.  The ocean side will still be cooler because it takes longer to warm up than the shallow Florida Bay side of the Keys.  Maybe spring is finally here.  Our daily high should be around 80 with lows around 70 this time of year.

We had a nice dinner tonight; teriyaki pork chops, green beans, corn, salad and chocolate cake.

Wednesday is the last day of lobster season.  The sailing participants are allowed to lobster using mask, snorkels an fins.  The scuba crews are not allowed to lobster using scuba equipment – we had to many near death experiences from unexperienced divers getting lost, separated from their buddies and running out of air at depth.  Besides, most of the div sites where we take the scuba divers are Special Protected Areas and lobstering is prohibited year ’round.

I give up for tonight.  I’m dragging.  More tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Lots of Scouts and Sunny Skies”

  1. dave ball says:

    I told you to take that nap.
    The live-aboard crew did their checkout dive yesterday despite arriving late and being way behind schedule. We’re all caught up and ready for a day of ‘sporty’ conditions.

  2. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks for the good news Dave. We are getting our tails kicked here at the base.

    Capt. Steve

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