Yesterday was very nice and summer like.  Today another front blew through the Florida Sea Base and we are getting our tails kicked AGAIN.  I have put out extra lines to starboard, tightened the spring lines to hold me farther off the dock and I’m having a fit trying to type with the boat kicking around like she is.  The front came through at about 1330 local time.  There will be very – if any – sleep aboard S/V Escape tonight.  MAYBE the wind will clock more to the north sooner than forecasted  Those of us on the dock can only hope.

The weather also blew in hundreds of juvenile Portuguese Man-of-Wars.

Several juvenile Man-of-Wars between S/V Escape and S/V Endeavour.

A large School (?) of Man-of-War off the bow of S/V Vivid.

We have boats on the water but they have all found safe anchorages for the night.  They are actually better off than we are on the dock.  Being at anchor keeps the vessel pointed into the wind and it rides much smoother that way.  We are getting hammered broadside and it is hard on the pilings, hard on the boats and hard on the inhabitants.

The scuba crews made a valiant effort to go diving this afternoon at Alligator Reef.  However, once on site, the conditions were too rough and the dive was cancelled.  The crews will probably go to Key West tomorrow and the wind should be much calmer by Wednesday.

The wind is howling and the boat is creaking in protest.  Nyquil and ear plugs are in order for this evening.

I’m going to try to insert a 10 second video of the wind howling through the palm trees at the Florida Sea Base.  I’ve never done this before so we will see what happens.  Try clicking on the link and let me know if it doesn’t work.


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