I was wrong.  The blue creatures floating around the harbor at the Florida Sea Base (and elsewhere) yesterday were NOT juvenile Portuguese Man-of-Wars; they are Sail Jellyfish.  I apologize for the misinformation.  According to Milly McCoy and other sources, the Sail Jellyfish do not sting.  This photo is from http://www.johnharveyphoto.com/PortRenfrew/SailJellyfishLg.jpg.

The Scuba Adventure crews went to Key West today.  It was – of course – a very nice afternoon.  Hopefully the weather will hold for the next few days.  Two of the Coral Reef Sailing crews returned to the base today for their mid-week “fun day” of small boat sailing, kayaking, volleyball, tubing and movie watching.

Rafael Arrom and his ranger staff (Capt. Martin Ivy and Divemaster Joe Schreiner) repaired our gasoline pump today.  It has been wounded for a couple of weeks but we are in the gas pumping business again.  The Florida Sea Base has its own gasoline and diesel tanks for fueling the boats and Sea Base vehicles.

That’s about all for today.  It’s been a relatively quiet, successful day.  I am looking forward to getting some serious sleep tonight.

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