Information for the 2014 Florida Sea Base Divemaster Academy can be found on my LINKS page (scroll to the bottom of the page).  We have limited the course to 16 candidates in previous years but hope to accommodate more this year.

The annual Divemaster Academy is the backbone for a successful summer scuba program season the following year.  The candidates will receive a very comprehensive course that will significantly exceed the minimum PADI requirements.  In addition to earning the PADI Divemaster rating, candidates will also complete the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course and the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Diver course.

The 2014 class is more than 50% booked so please send in application as soon as possible if you are interested in attending.

The Florida Sea Base will host our second PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) on 25 September.  We currently have four candidates.  Captain Bert Hubby and I will co-teach the course.  Alex Bergstedt and Rich Goldman will be assisting with the course to fulfill requirements for their PADI IDC Staff Instructor ratings.  You can find more information about the IDC at the bottom of the LINKS page as well.  Time is growing short, but we are still open to considering additional candidates.


Scuba Instructor Rich Goldman is having knee surgery in New Jersey this morning.

It was very comforting to see so many staff members and captains brave Wednesday’s weather to witness the spreading of Captain Bruce’s ashes.  In hindsight, I wish I had made a list to share.


Invest 92L sat between The Bahamas and Florida all yesterday but the Florida Sea Base enjoyed sunshine and very warm temperatures.


Here is the forecast track for 92L.  From a very selfish view, I hope the system is able to bring showers to SE Texas and maybe the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.


Invest 91L has intensified and has been designated as Tropical Depression Six.  TD 6 is not expected to threaten the US.


Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
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  1. James Chaplin says:

    Thanks for this update, have one scout racing to complete his Eagle as well as completing Rescue Diver in preparation for applying to DMA. He is a senior in High School and turns 18 in early November. How hard set is the October 1st deadline (understanding that if you have a full set of 16 application, he would be out). His priority is his Eagle Application over the DMA application. Or would it be better for us to look to DMA in 2015 instead? Thanks for any input and for a great scuba program @ Sea Base.

  2. Steve Willis says:

    The October deadline is very flexible. HOWEVER, there is a significant amount of online study time required. It would be good for him to start an email dialog with me at SW

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