My lovely bride is in the kitchen early this morning.  I’m doing my part by staying out of the kitchen.  We will leave in a little while to make the 5 hour drive to our homestead to share good food and hearts filled with thanks with my dad.  Thank all of you for the good work you do for he Scouts.


Rush hour in Dallas is a little overwhelming after spending 14 years in the Keys.

rush hour

I was alone when I took the photo.  No road rage, no frustration.  Turn up the tunes on XM radio, crank the sub, enjoy the pretty, Christmas-like, red brake lights flashing on and off in front of me, and enjoy the ride.  (Check back with me in a few months to see if my attitude has swung 180°.)  It’s hard to get worked up about anything when you’ve just visited your kids and grandchild that you haven’t seen in months.


The Florida Sea Base will be open for business as usual on Monday.  The 11th annual Florida Sea Base Divemaster Academy starts in less than 3 weeks and the winter program season starts on 26 December.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™


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