I am struggling with how to keep this post alive and viable for you while I am physically disconnected from the base.  I started this blog because internal and external communications at the Florida Sea Base have always been “lacking”.  When I set up the blog I asked fellow permanent staffers to feed me information to post.  Captain Rich Beliveau was a big help and a few others contributed on rare occasion.  But like a group newsletter, the vast majority of the submissions have been mine alone.

After I started the blog, senior management at the Florida Sea Base decided to set up a Facebook page.  I was never granted permission to post on their page.  Photos and postings from this blog were occasionally posted on the FSB Facebook page with my consent.  My replacement, Joe Angelo, has years of experience promoting his former business on Facebook and may be able to beef up the FSB page.  If that becomes a reality, there will probably be no more need for the blog.

I will be at Sea Base during the DMA.  I will have very limited time to post, but plan to keep you informed of divemaster candidate progression, seasonal staff, program and captain information as time permits.

To save you time and frustration, my suggestion for now is to check this site once a week and we will share what’s left of this ride to the bitter end.  If you have questions, send them in via comment or my email and I will address those.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas.  Thank goodness that much of the retail insanity is behind us.  Have you ever wondered why these marketing geniuses don’t have a summertime version of this insanity?  Instead of coats and sleds we could buy dive gear, boat stuff and swimwear.  I would much prefer spending my money on the latter.

Capt. Steve

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