The 11th annual Florida Sea Base Divemaster Academy class has been dismissed!!!  Congratulations are in order for all 16 candidates.  Special thanks to the scuba instructors (Rich Goldman, Alex Bergstedt, Captain Kari Dahlquist, Brenda Mallory and Tyler Giblin), Captain Christy Costa, Boat Mate Kyle Moran, Second Captain Scott Costa, and Scuba Director Joe Angelo for making this event a success.  We have done what we could; now it is up to Joe Angelo to decide who will be hired and to further mentor them into working PADI Divemasters.

We submitted 15 Divemaster applications and two Master Scuba Diver applications to PADI and issued 16 PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Diver certifications, 14 PADI Deep Diver Specialty certifications and two PADI Boat Diver certifications in a two week period.  Rich Goldman and I have each invested over 200 hours in the DMA with no days off.  (I am very thankful that this happens only once a year.)  Alex Bergstedt was right there with us, every step of the way, until his departure for family reasons.


The winter scuba program (Scuba Liveaboard and Scuba Adventure) has also concluded.  Several Coral Reef Sailing crews and a couple of Sea Exploring crews are still cruising the reefs.  In a few days the winter program season will officially conclude and the Florida Sea Base will switch back to conference/training center mode.


With program winding down, my posts will also diminish.  My plan is to spend about 12 days working on S/V Escape and then make the 1,200 mile drive towing a 16’x7′ fully loaded enclosed trailer back to SE Texas.I have gotten into the habit of driving straight through on my Florida to Texas runs but I feel certain that I will make this next trip a two day event.  My departure day is not set in stone.  I will probably wait until a massive ice storms marches all the way down to I-10 so the drive can be as treacherous as possible.

While I do not make any money from the site, I hope you won’t go away.  Check back about once a week just in case something worthwhile has been posted.  And you can help with the posts by sending in questions or comments.  (I feel like Mike Rowe asking viewers to send in suggestions for Dirty Jobs.)

I know Joe Angelo wants to contribute more frequent updates to the Florida Sea Base Facebook page and hopefully he will be allowed to do so.  Regardless, I will keep you posted as warranted.

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Scuba Director – RETIRED
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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