The arctic dome has arrived at the Florida Sea Base!!!  I was awaken shortly before 04:30 by little noises topside that were telling me I should poke my head out and make sure all was well.  A quick check of my cheap onboard weather data indicted the temperature was 63° and falling.  It has cooled to 70° inside the boat.  The weather data buoys are reporting gusts in the 30 knot range.

We are VERY blessed that the wind has clocked from West to NNE and even at 30 knots we are having minor consequences in our marina.  However, Captain Bert Hubby keeps his boat in a marina in Tavernier and it is exposed to northerly winds and he may be getting kicked around a bit this morning.  He lives on a catamaran and does not feel the same impact as those of us in monohulls.

The National Weather Service says the winds will decrease a fraction of a knot each hour over the next 27 hours when we should be back to a respectable 12 knots or less from the east.  We should warm up to 70° on Friday morning.  The winds will build back to the 20+ knot range and the temperature will be in the mid 70s by Saturday.

Except for any craft that are out on the water, the “arctic dome” – as scary as it sounds – is obviously nothing to compare to what most of you are enduring.  My wife is in Midlothian, Texas (sick as a dog unfortunately) where it is 19°, my dad is in Jasper, Texas (28°) and my kids are in Denton, Texas (17°).  (They are eagerly awaiting my return so I too can enjoy the cooler weather.)

Tim Gaffron in Minneapolis is (hopefully) warm in bed while the outside temperature is -4°.  Four degrees BELOW zero?  I am SO happy that so many people are okay with living in that.  I suffered through that nonsense for three years as a kid when my dad was stationed in Michigan.  Despite the wonderful TV ads, I have never been back to Michigan and have no plans of ever returning.

Wherever you are, STAY WARM!!!  But even more importantly, stay safe.

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Scuba Director – RETIRED
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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  1. Tim Gaffron says:

    Hi Steve!
    Thanks for the shout-out in your posting! Yes, it’s been extremely cold for the last couple of weeks, and tough to drag oneself out from under the warm covers. They actually cancelled a lot of schools yesterday due to below zero highs and wind chill factors in the -30 to -40 range. (What’s wind chill? )

    Snowing and windy today, with blizzard warnings out for the southern half of the state… it’s good to be you in the Keys!

    Warm up is in sight as we are supposed to get to +15 or so on Sunday when we have a Crew ski trip scheduled. Yay!

    Cursing my Norwegian ancestors for settling here…
    Take care!

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