I received an email from Tim Gaffron just as I was leaving the Florida Sea Base.  I have not been in an area with a reliable internet connection until Friday.

Hi Steve,

Hope you have/had a safe trip home and no issues with the trailer, etc.

I have attached a picture of our crew at the ski resort yesterday (Sunday 1-11-15).  4 of the youth shown will be on the crew that is attending Sea Base this summer. CRTH061815C.

Take care!

Tim Gaffron
Venture Crew 3084 – Maple Grove, MN


Scouting is simply amazing to me.  I struggle with understanding why any kid would not join an organization that can take him skiing in the winter and sailing in the summer.  North to south, east to west, there is so much to do and learn outdoors.  I received my Eagle award in 1968.  I use the skills I learned in Scouting every day and especially when I’m on a boat or scuba diving. Who knew that learning to use a compass in Scouting would contribute to my being able to find an aggressor base during night maneuvers in SROTC or navigate my own boat from Houston to Mexico to the Cayman Islands to Louisiana and back to Houston or how to navigate a search pattern in near zero visibility underwater while looking for a drowning victim?  I still have my old BSA compass.


For now, the Florida Sea Base is in full conference mode.  Meanwhile, Program Directors Joe Angelo, Captain Luke Knuttle and Captain Scott Martin are making preparations for spring crews that will start their influx the weekend of President’s Day.


The lottery for program reservations for 2016 opened on 15 January and will close on 15 February.  Please visit the official Florida Sea Base website to begin your reservation process.

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Scuba Director – RETIRED
Professional scuba Bum™

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  1. Tina Steckler says:

    Welcome Back to the Mother Country! If you are thru the Austin area, let us know, love to have you out to the house. Bob can throw some steaks on the grill or we can meet up with you somewhere for a quick bite to eat. We have an adequate guest room if you want an overnight. I enjoy your blog & will find it interesting to hear how you transition to new stage of life. I enjoy your wit! Blessings, Tina

  2. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks Tina. I will keep your offer in mind when I manage to find time to get down your way. SW

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