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Sunday was the last major arrival day at the Florida Sea Base for the 2012 summer season.  About half of the normal mass checked in with Office Manager Susan Mahoney.  We did not have any Coral Reef Sailing crews on shore leave and only one Sea Exploring crew returned to the base for luau.

As the program season winds down the full time staff have other issues with which to deal.  Registrar Nancy Wells is swamped with 2013 reservations business and most of the rest of us are struggling with 2013 budget preparations.

Well, here we go again.  The tropics are very busy this morning.

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However, only two of the systems are of concern to the Florida Sea Base.  Newly designated Invest 96L has just rolled off Africa and is to far out to focus on right now.  Very early predictions are for the system to track more northwest than Invest 94L.

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The situation with Invest 94L is our current point of focus.  Most of the computer models continue to agree that the system will track to the south of Cuba.  One model has it tracking through the Bahamas.  But this morning, the GFS model has it tracking through the mountainous islands of Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti), then Cuba and then to the middle of the Florida Keys.  If the system follows the GFS model, the terrain of these islands will help reduce the intensity of 94L before it arrives at the Florida Sea Base.  So even if it doesn’t stay south of Cuba there is cause to remain optimistic.  Plus, as of 04:43 this morning, Invest 94L is still a fairly weak and disorganized system.  Granted, that could change in a few hours, but currently there is nothing to panic about.

Sunday, Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground seemed to be thinking the system would stay to the south.  “With 94L staying relatively weak and disorganized, the chances of it turning to the northwest and missing the Lesser Antilles, as the NOGAPS model has been predicting, are diminishing. The GFS model predicts that 94L will go on to hit the Dominican Republic as a strong tropical storm on Friday, though the storm could also miss the island, passing just to the north or the south. At longer ranges, the storm is capable of going anywhere from Canada to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula; it’s too early to tell.”  I will be watching for today’s post in a few hours.

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PLEASE don’t misinterpret this as saying a hurricane is coming to the Florida Sea Base.  PLEASE don’t call the Florida Sea Base with any questions regarding our impending weather.  (As Dr. Masters pointed out, this system could go anywhere from Canada to Mexico.)  Click on the comment button on this post, email me or call me or turn on The Weather Channel.  They do a Tropical Update at 10 minutes before the hour throughout most of the day.  My contact information is in the last paragraph of this post.  I get in trouble when readers call the Florida Sea Base.  Believe me, I can get in plenty of hot water all by my lonesome.  I don’t need ANY help. 🙂

Speaking of trouble, I am hoping to get an audience with General Manager Captain Paul Beal this morning to discuss some options that will effect my 2012 budget projections.

 I hope you enjoyed this post.  I need to remind everyone that this is a private site and is NOT owned, maintained or sanctioned by the Florida Sea Base or the Boy Scouts of America.  Any questions or issued raised by comments on this site should be directed to Captain Steve Willis at 305-393-7373 or or by clicking on the comment button.  Please do not contact the Florida Sea Base directly.  They are not responsible for any comments made on this site and some of the individuals do not appreciate my blog adding to their workload.  More information can be found on the ABOUT page on this site.

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Today’s weather at the Florida Sea Base calls for 90º, mostly clear skies and ESE winds at 15knots.  It should be a warm but pleasant day.  Invest 94L continues to move away from us.

Invest 94L - Weather Underground

Tropical Storm Alex made landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula at about 04:30.  It will move into the Gulf of Mexico and is currently forecasted to make another landfall near Tampico, Mexico as a Category 1 hurricane.

T/S Alex - Weather Underground

I’m running a little late this morning so I have to dash off to the 07:30 staff meeting.  I will update this post later in the day if warranted.

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Lazy Morning

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I’m enjoying a lazy morning at the Florida Sea Base.  I feel asleep at about 23:00 last night, pretty late for me.  I woke up at 03:00 and 07:20 to pee but didn’t really get up until 09:00.  Then I fixed a nice breakfast and washed dishes.  I spent 30 minutes updating the pages on this website and then I checked the weather.

Tropical Storm Alex - Courtesy of Weather Underground

While it is still early and anything is possible, the current thinking is that TS Alex will move generally westward after crossing the Yucatan Peninsula and probably won’t travel over or near the Deepwater Horizon site.  TS Alex should have NO effect on your travel plans to the Florida Sea Base.

Invest 94L - Courtesy of Weather Underground

The best news for everyone is that Invest 94L is projected to curve north and east into the Atlantic Ocean.  Bermuda was a concern yesterday but it looks like they may miss this one.

Satellite image of the tropics at 9am EDT Saturday 6/26/10. Image credit: GOES Science Project.

Here’s a great overview of the activities in the tropics this morning.

I haven’t received any phone calls this morning.  That’s a good sign and I will check in with the office in a little while to confirm that all is well.

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Good afternoon from the Florida Sea Base.  Just hours after I made this morning’s post NOAA recognized another Invest system, 94L.  We had Invest 92L last week and now 93L and 94L simultaneously.  It looks like it will be and active season in the North Atlantic as predicted.

From Weather Underground

From Weather Underground

We certainly had an active day at the base.  In the morning, Capt. Kim on S/V Rainbow Connection broke a steering cable and was towed in by Capt. Rich for repairs.  This afternoon, Capt. Geoff was unable to start S/V Silent Harmony to return to the Florida Sea Base so Capt. Rich and I towed him in.  Then one of the little sailboats blew out its mainsail and ran aground so Capt. Rich and I towed them back in.  While we appreciate all of God’s gifts, including the wind, we are experiencing just a little too much wind currently.  It will slow down to zero before long and we will be lamenting the lack of wind.  So we do our best to take what we are given and make the best of it.

We received another load of sand for the volleyball court today.  Added to yesterday’s delivery, the court is much better.  If we get really lucky we might get one more load.  We also received a third washer/dryer for the staff laundry.  It’s not connected yet, but we are looking forward to the expansion.

That’s about all for right now.  Tomorrow is my scheduled day off.  I have a lot of personal projects that need my attention.  I may not post tomorrow.  If not, I will certainly be back at it on Sunday.

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