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The primary post for today is below this one but I forgot to mention that we are having yet ANOTHER computer crisis at the Florida Sea Base.  The side of the property that houses the Program Offices does not have connectivity to the internet, email or the BSA network.  Captain Luke Knuttel, Sailing Director, and I are trying to stay caught up by using our cell phones.  Office Manager Susan Mahoney and Food and Conference Director Tim Standfill have to go to the Admin Building to conduct any business.  It is very difficult for us to access any computer data as everything is stored on the FSB server, not on our individual hard drives.  We do not have access to the server.

The General Manager, Director of Program, Administrative Assistant, Financial Assistant, Facilities Director, and Registrar are housed in the Admin Building and have no issues.

This problem is recurring quite frequently on the program side of the base.  It usually takes several days (sometimes weeks) to get it resolved because we have no in-house IT person at our facility.  Who knows, it may be fixed today.  I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, Captain Luke and I will have issues with communications and hiring people, so please try to be patient.  I will move as much of my operation as I can to Escape.  My air card works reasonably well on the boat on my MacBook Pro but it does not work in the office (due to the concrete walls and metal roof I assume).  I can answer emails and check the internet from here.  I even have limited access to the FSB server.  But accessing the BSA email and FSB server remotely are challenging and much slower.  The email system frequently times out faster than I can type my responses.  When that happens the full message is lost and I have to start anew.

Please be patient.  General Manager Captain Paul Beal is very sensitive for our predicament and is doing all he can to get this problem resolved.  He is very empathetic and understanding of our dependence on connectivity to conduct business.  He will do all he can to see that we are back online as quickly as possible.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape