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Saturday was the last official day of staff training despite the fact that the 2011 Florida Sea Base summer season opened on Friday.  The scuba staff spent the morning in the classroom with the Florida Sea Base health advisor learning about medical issues as they relate to scuba diving.  They spent the afternoon diving and practicing rescue scenarios.  The next time they perform a rescue it will be the real deal.

No one has had a day off yet.  Evolving from training to operation will now allow for some time off.  Capt. Rich (who I worry about the most due to his work load and stress level) is scheduled to be off today.  He is thinking about riding his bike 74 miles down to Key West.  Tim took yesterday afternoon and this morning off.  The seasonal staff members are doing extremely well.  They will start a cycle of days off this week.

One Scuba Liveaboard crew (Schooner Conch Pearl) and three Coral Reef Sailing crews (Misty Shoals, Jewel of Athena, and Juan Cadiz) arrived yesterday.  No crews were in for shore leave and no crews returned to Sea Base for their luau.

This may sound stupid, but the sun was BRIGHT yesterday.  We get a lot of sun through most of the year; but yesterday the sun seemed exceptionally bright.  Maybe I need more sleep.  The weather was very threatening in the late afternoon so I moved my car out so it might get a Keys car wash.  But the rain didn’t happen.

Last night recently certified Scuba Instructor Brian Sevald led an Emergency First Response course (CPR and First Aid) for some of the staff members.  Capt. Alex Bergstedt and I assisted.

That’s it for this morning.  Have a great day.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape