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As happens frequently at the Florida Sea Base, my plans for yesterday were changed for me; I did NOT get to work on the budget.  The plan for today is to sequester Capt. Alex Bergstedt and bug Capt. Rich from time to time and update the program supplies account (77261).  This is the account that all of the smaller program supplies come from such as masks, snorkels, fins, replacement parts (o-rings, snorkel keepers, etc), repair parts and supplies (regulator parts, extra gauges, dive flags, etc), first aid supplies, oxygen kit parts and refills, and a hundred more items.  The vendors, quantity needed and prices need to be updated.  Working in Paradise is just like working back home – with the bonus of a nice sunset most evenings and the occasional hurricane.

Samantha (Sam) Merrill is the Business Membership Liaison for the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN).  Sam and her husband are also active Scouters and are at the National Jamboree.  Here’s a photo of our Dockmaster, Dominic Alesandrini, working hard at the Jambo.

Dominic Alesandrini & 3 Scouts at the National Jamboree

I didn’t hear from anyone else at the jamboree yesterday.

There is NO tropical activity WORLD WIDE – very unusual for this time of year.  The local forecast is the epitome of a summer’s day forecast in the Florida Keys.  High of 90, low of 80, east wind at 10 mph and a 10% chance of rain.  I know that asking for 28 more days like this is asking for too much – but it sure would be nice.  The article is too long to post here, but there is a decent article about the residual oil in the Gulf of Mexico on the New York Times website at

In 28 days the gates will be closed on the summer session of 2010 at the Florida Sea Base.  But no worries, we will be having program and conferences again starting in October.  There may still be openings for December 2010.  You can check at

I don’t want to jinx things, but WOW – the seasonal staff continues to be outstanding.  Only 28 more days.  Could this be our first summer without a firing?  One day at a time.  Capt. Dennis Wyatt checks the Monroe County website for me early every morning to make sure no one’s in jail.  Sometimes he finds a look alike, but so far everyone has behaved well enough to avoid incarceration.  Only 28 more days.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape