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That’s right.  Today is the last day program for the 2011 summer season at the Florida Sea Base.  Tomorrow the last of the Scouts will depart for home.  Therefore, most of the staff are gone as well.

Sunday afternoon we will have a victory dinner for the few remaining staff members.  Then, in just a few more days, Captain Rich and I will celebrate for real when 99.9% of the staff are gone.  Laura Kuras and Kyle Moran are staying on as Program Mates.  Christy Clemenson will be the fall Office Mate.  Two or three will be working as rangers (maintenance) and a few more will stay to man the galley and work as Conference Mates.

We continue to have on-again-off-again rain showers locally.  I do not think they are related to Hurricane Irene, just normal summer rain events.  Hurricane Irene is still a threat to the east coast, but the forecast has been downgraded significantly.  It’s 0445 and I’m watching the Weather Channel while finishing this post.

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In my time away from the Florida Sea Base due to my IDC audit, I was remiss in posting a few photos that were submitted by readers.  Here’s the first submission:

Capt. Steve,

Thanks for your daily blog. It helped our troop to prepare for our trip to FSB. We completed the Scuba Certification process last Wednesday. I read in your blog today that you appreciate photos. Here are two photos taken on Tuesday of divers getting back on the boat after completing our last dive at “Landing Strip”.

Thanks again!

Marc Keuser
BSA Troop 122
Newark, New York

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Thanks for the pictures Marc.

It appears Marsh Harbor, Bahamas survived Hurricane Irene much better than expected.  Here is a link to some photos from a network TV news station in Miami.

I will post one or more photos from Captain Dennis Wyatt tomorrow.  Have a great day.  Be safe.

Capt. Steve Willis
Aboard S/V Escape