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Today was day three of summer staff training at the Florida Sea Base.  The sailing staff worked on small boat sailing and tubing.  The scuba staff went diving and practiced more rescue scenarios.  The water was swimming pool clear.

We completed dives at Independence Reef, Long Key Ledge and The Pillars of Atlantis.  I got to dive on the second and third sites.  Here is a short video showing Capt. Alex Bergstedt leading the rescue scenarios from the boat we use for the Scuba Certification crews.


The first Scuba Liveaboard crew has arrived and made preparations to depart on their vessels tomorrow by doing an equipment shakedown, swim reviews, and scuba skills review.  Meghann Michalski is leading this group.

Capt. Alex Bergstedt, Sargon Smith and I taught the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Course to 12 of our staff members this evening.  So it is again well past my bedtime.  The scuba staff will b on base until after dinner tomorrow.  Then they will get to go out for a night dive.

I couldn’t find much news about the Deepwater Horizon disaster today.  Tomorrow they are scheduled to try the “top filling” procedure to shut down the flow of oil.  Let’s all pray that they are successful.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape


Half Way

The Divemaster Academy is half way through. This morning was physics class taught by Instructor David Ball, this afternoon was their last timed swimming skill, the 100 yard inert diver tow.  In this scenario, the rescuer and victim will be in full scuba gear at the surface.  The rescuer has four minutes or less to tow (or push) the victim 100 yards in open water conditions.  This was the last of the “stamina” skills.  After completing the inert diver tow they went to the scuba training tank for a “surprise” underwater problem to see how well they deal with stress and how quickly they could devise a solution to the problem.  This is a pass/fail scenario, but it is not uncommon to require a second try to be successful.  This evening they took the physics exam and I counseled one on one with them to discuss their interim professionalism score.

Several Coral Reef Sailing crews and one Sea Exploring crew checked in at Sea Base this afternoon.  All of yesterday’s crews did an excellent job (thanks to an outstanding effort from our staff members) at catching up and getting on with their Adventure.

The forecast calls for a chilly 61 degrees tomorrow morning.  The rest of the week is looking good with lows near 70 and highs around 76.  If you’re not here, I would encourage you to consider reservations for winter 2010.  The Sea Base and Brinton Center run all programs the week before and the week after Christmas.  For reservation information, visit the Florida Sea Base website at  Any available dates for 2010 should be listed on the website.  If not, email our Registrar at  Reservations for all 2011 dates (including winter) will open on 15 January 2010 through the reservations website.  If you have never attended Sea Base, you will need to set up an account in advance.  See the FSB website for details.

DMA Class 6 prior to the timed inert diver tow.

Logan towing "inert diver" Mike.