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Saturday was quiet at the Florida Sea Base.  The weather was perfect (a little too warm for those who must have some point of contention).  The staff did their usual great work.  Capt. Dennis Wyatt, Dan Mikalian and Ellen Wyatt drove BSA Tarpon to Marathon so it could be hauled out to have the engine oil and lower unit oil changed.  Capt. Alex Bergstedt assisted.

Capt. Alex Bergstedt and Gwynne Carpenter were able to plug into the live video of the opening ceremonies at the National Jamboree so interested participants and staff could watch.  I appreciate their efforts.

I slept in a bit, made a nice breakfast and in the afternoon I saw “Dinner for Schmucks”.  It was pretty funny and I would recommend it if you like mindless movies.  It did have a moral, but the one liners made the movie.  The plot was very predictable.  This is my kind of movie.  I don’t need to pay for a movie to be made sad, or mad or taught a lesson.  I just want to be entertained for a while, laugh out loud, and leave with nothing more than maybe a little indigestion from the popcorn.

I’m still keeping an eye on the tropics.  We’re okay for now.  The system in the far Atlantic has been officially labeled Invest 91 (a.k.a. Invest 91L or 91L).  It is too far out (about 3,000 nm) to make any reasonable projections but it definitely warrants our attention.  I am beginning to be more concerned about September, October and November.  Those are the months that I usually travel for training and to see family.  It is very difficult to just tie up the boat and leave it behind when SERIOUS weather is threatening.  My mom, sister, granddaughter and I all have birthdays the third week of September so I always try hard to be home then.  I hope I can make it this year.

Back to the present – all is well.  The New York Times has an article regarding the Deepwater Horizon situation.  I hope they get it permanently secured very soon.  And I hope the government, politicians, news media and public see this situation through to the end.  I worry that our A.D.D. society will leave this behind in search of a new shiny object.  The lingering oil and chemical agents will need attention for a long time to come.

Sundays and Wednesdays are big scuba arrival days.  We will have our usual 07:30 staff meeting followed by flags and breakfast.  The remainder of the morning schedule pauses for about a half hour for Sunday chapel services and then it’s back to the regular routine.  A Scout is reverent.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape